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Feb 23,2021

Many Filipinos have gone extra mile to pursue their dreams far from their home and fulfill their aspirations of better life for their loved ones by going abroad – all in hopes of providing the best life they can dream of for their family.

Based on the 2019 Survey conducted by Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), the total number of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) are currently 2.2 Million – which signifies a large number of workers who left home to seek greener pastures.

And while Filipinos are known to do everything for their loved ones’ comfortable lives, they are also adamant in securing their future.

Surely, OFWs have already put their money in investments such as bonds, stocks, businesses, mutual funds, and even insurances. But if you are seeking for a long-term investment, one thing is to be considered – REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT.

As an OFW, you want every cent of your hard-earned money to be well-spent. But more than the tangible indication that you have “finally made it” as an OFW, you should understand that investing on a real estate property gives you a lot of advantages and benefits that bring you closer to your dream of better life.

Here are reasons why OFWs should invest in a property back home:


  1. Appreciating property value over time.

This is probably one of the most beneficial factors when you start investing in real estate. Once you acquire a house and lot or a condominium, you are not just acquiring an asset – but an investment – since the value of real estate properties change over-time, and it usually changes for the better.


  1. A home to call your own.

The most basic reason why people invest in a property is to have a house they can call their “own.” Ownership of a living space has remained the topmost motivation of OFWs in investing in a real estate and that proves a valid reason most of the time, since it makes sense to pay for your own home in the long run rather than paying for a rent on a place that will never be yours in the future.

A home investment, on the other note, also gives an OFW the freedom to renovate and reside in – all while enjoying the sense of security with settling down with their loved ones.


  1. A vacation home – that’s away from the hustle and bustle

OFWs come home once in every few years to spend time with their families or to celebrate important milestones. And as they say, “there’s no place like home.” As an OFW, having your second home that lets you relax when you come back to the country makes is just as important as other things. Having a vacation home lets you focus more on what’s more important – spending time with your family.

With that, you might just as well consider investing a property somewhere North of Manila, such as Central Luzon – where you can have a good grip of the city life and peaceful living away from too much noise and traffic.


  1. It is a valuable source of passive income

For some OFWs, one thing they want is have something to fall back on in case of emergency – such as another source of income. Another good reason to invest in a property is that it can be leased or rented out. While providing an additional income for your loved ones throughout the years, this can also give you a sense of financial security since it can stay for the long run as it appreciates in value.


  1. Finally, a retirement home

Lastly, investing in real estate helps you fulfill your ultimate goal – to have somewhere to come home for good, retire, and spend more time with who you love. A retirement home you can call yours enables you to re-acquaint yourself with your loved ones in the country while enjoying your retirement years in a familiar surroundings – one that you can call home.



While investing in real estate is a good idea for any OFW, one should also consider WHERE TO INVEST.

That is why The Hauslands, the top developer in North and Central Luzon, continues to create neighborhoods around the region to provide home for more families who prefer to reside in Pampanga, Tarlac, as well as other regions of Luzon.

And as we continue to fulfill our ultimate goal of providing homeownership to every family, we have opened projects around Angeles City and City of San Fernando that will make you feel home. Our current developments are Timog Residences, Mansfield Residences, Nouveau Residences, Aspire Prime Residences, The Hauslands – Pampanga, and Tuscany North Estates.


So the real question lies now: What are you waiting for? Talk to us now and start fulfilling your dream now by investing at The Hauslands!

For more updates and information about our projects, visit our website at www.thehauslands.com and follow our social media pages at @thehauslandsofficial.


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