Exciting things you need to know happening in Pampanga I The Hauslands

May 12,2022

The Growth of Pampanga

Pampanga is one of the many provinces of the Philippines and just like any other province, Pampanga is surrounded by nature. The land of Pampanga is rich in natural resources, outstanding waterfalls, distinguished landscapes, cultivated agricultural land, and delicious delicacies.

But there’s more to discover.

Pampanga’s accessibility has grown over the years, such as the development in Clark, wherein it is known to be Modern City in Pampanga. With its massive potential, Clark quickly became the center of major developments. One of the key points of Pampanga is its airport, the Clark International Airport. This airport made it possible to travel with ease and does not only connects Luzon to Visayas and Mindanao but also connects the whole country to international countries like Japan, Korea, China, the United States, and more

Another major point of Pampanga is the roadways that made it possible to reach Pampanga in at least an hour or vice versa. Transportation becomes more convenient as major roadways like the North Luzon Expressway,  Subic–Clark–Tarlac Expressway, and Metro Manila Skyway Stage 3 are accessible from Clark. 

Pampanga continuously thrives and is one of the most-talk provinces in the Philippines, and is now considered the new Metro Manila. Due to continuous improvement and development of infrastructures as well as a growing number of commercial businesses, the value of Pampanga continuously increases, making it an ideal place for everyone to live or make an investment. Things like trends, leisures, employments, business opportunities, accessibility, and proximity are all present here and Pampanga is a land where everything is within your reach.

Places you can easily travel from Clark Pampanga.

We listed down 5 places you can travel freely coming from Clark Pampanga.

Mabalacat City

Mabalacat is just minutes away from Clark and it has varieties of travel attractions you can enjoy. 


The most multicultural province and is known for its huge field which has resulted in Tarlac becoming a tourist destination with a variety of attractions.

Subic, Zambales

Subic became vacation destination as result of its reputation as resort province with beaches, yachts, shipwrecks, and other attractions.


Known for its historic places and role in World War II.

Metro Manila

Being the capital of the Philippines, it is not surprising that Metro Manila is one of the traveling destinations. Because of its perfect mix of old and modern, you can’t help but be astonished by its beautiful and historic vibe.


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