Mansfield Residences opens its new phase

Jan 28,2019

Fresh, cool homes in store for future buyers

In pursuit of setting the standard of living in the region, The Hauslands conveys the Kapampangan lifestyle into greater heights by opening a bigger community and extending one of their ongoing projects – Mansfield Residences.

Mansfield Residences Phase 6 will house the newest model units with areas ranging from 100 sqm. to 140 sqm. – Suitable for the middle to upper class market. The newest units, defined by their elegance and style, are fused with modern architecture and tastefully-done interior, making them more suitable for those who prefer a modern lifestyle.

Today’s generation of buyers are looking for a home that is fancy but mixes well with a classical Kapampangan taste – exactly what the Mansfield Residences has in store for them. These exceptional fresh and cool units give out a relaxing vibe that makes the homeowners feel at home while enjoying the premium living, convenience and accessibility to major locations in the city.

And speaking of location, this extension of the 21-hectare development promises an ease of access and proximity to the premier establishments both in the City of San Fernando and Angeles City.

Mansfield Residences is just few kilometers away from major establishments such as hospitals, schools and churches, as well as shopping malls, restaurants and parks. After all, a strategic and exceptional location affords you an unmatched convenience whenever you want to relax or have a simple walk around the city.

If you’re a home buddy, the Mansfield Residences also features an array of amenities, such as The Pavilion, fitness gym, swimming pool, playground and recreational room, which will allow residents to achieve a well-balanced lifestyle.

To date, Mansfield Residences has already built homes for more than 1,490 families. And on January 26, 2019, The Hauslands once again invites you to a weekend open house to witness the unveiling of the three newest model units on Mansfield Residences Phase 6.

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