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Sep 17,2021

This pandemic has shifted our priorities and perspective on many things – and that includes our preference when it comes to home buying. Many homebuyers are now more inclined to intimate homes, wide spaces, peripheral areas within their lot, and a private home away from the urbanized and congested cities. 

And as we continue to search for that “perfect home” to match our renewed lifestyle, one thing that we might consider is looking at one of the most urbanized cities situated North of Metro Manila – Angeles City.

Here are the reasons why you should consider Angeles City as one of your options to move in:

Opportunities in the city – for homeowners and investors alike

With its access to the commercial areas, we are looking into the Angeles City as one of the most accessible and strategically located cities across North and Central Luzon. Its proximity to Clark and nearby cities such as City of San Fernando and Mabalacat City paves way for an accessibility like no other. 

And as the developments expand to greater heights, the property value here also increases – which can be a very good investment for those who want to relocate within the city.


Angeles City is the next center of development

Angeles City is considered as the next economic powerhouse of the country – with all the industrial developments happening inside the city, it has become a hub for economic and tourism opportunities. In the recent years, investors and real estate players are shifting from the heavily congested Manila to the sub-urban Angeles City to bring more developments within the area.

And while the development here continuously grows, Angeles City is becoming a hotspot for everything you might need in your daily life – may it be a job, a leisure place or recreational activity, or a home to live in.


Balance of nature and urban living

With all the developments rising in Metro Manila and Central Luzon, people are looking for a home where they can be away from the congestion but still experience their urban lifestyle – and Angeles City offers the right amount of balance of nature and urban living.

Angeles City offers a breather with its natural attractions found just few minutes away from the city – Have an amazing leisure experience at Clark; an adventure with the mountains surrounding the city; and find natural and historical attractions within Angeles City such as hot springs, parks, and museums.


You can have a vacation home – away from the Metro

We’re sure you already had that feeling of wanting to take a break from your daily grind – but you end up not doing it because of the travel restrictions. During these moments, our home matters the most. 

Today, Angeles City becomes a good hub for vacation homes and private villas for staycation – and even your home here could be one. Since it’s away from the hustle and bustle of the Metro, you can experience having that fresh feeling of having a break even when you’re right at your own home.


Homeowners are looking for a new home experience

The ever-changing lifestyle of the people because of the pandemic also changed their preferences when it comes on having their own home. Like flipping the other side of the coin, what people once liked before – being at the center of attention, lavish homes and lifestyle – has turned into them loving the privacy, safety, distance, and intimacy of their own homes.

With this, they are looking for spacious home with green spaces where they can set-up their own office, comfort space, recreation place, and home to live in all at once.

Homeowners are not just looking for a shelter to live in: they are looking for a safe haven, their private space, and avenue for their life’s best moments. To be able to have the best experience within their own home, it has to be what they really desire and dream about.

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