The Hauslands – Pampanga welcomes its first homeowners

Mar 16,2019

If one looks in a dictionary the meaning of the word “home,” the answer would come out to be, “The place where one lives permanently.” However, for anyone who has had an actual home, they would know that such a term goes much beyond its concrete description.

A home is more than the structure built to shelter us through day and night; a home is where we find the values and foundation of nurturing. A place built to witness life’s most precious moments and milestones.

And such is always the mindset of The Hauslands as they continually provide homes for the Kapampangan market – to instill the feeling of being “at home.”

Last 2017, the company opened another community in Pampanga, marking their second project in City of San Fernando – The Hauslands – Pampanga; which aims to cater the refined taste of a more discriminating market: the middle class.

Two years later defines another milestone for the company and its market as The Hauslands-Pampanga welcomes its first batch of homeowners last May 11, 2019. More than 100 homeowners are set to live in the community starting from the turnover period.

The day of welcoming the homeowners was made more special as The Hauslands also launched one of the amenities inside the community, The Pavilion. Gracing the ribbon cutting ceremony are the executives of The Hausland Group.

The homeowners are welcomed by the management after the Eucharistic celebration and blessing of The Pavilion officiated by Rev. Fr. Fernando Urbano.

A utility fair is also organized to aid the homeowners with all their home essentials and needs.  The Hauslands partnered with Converge ICT Solutions, Inc., Abenson and SB Furniture to assist the homeowners.

Now that The Hauslands – Pampanga is set to accommodate its very first homeowners, more opportunities lie ahead for other families to be part of this beautiful neighborhood where they can finally say, “I am Home”.

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